Asset Performance Software

Intelligently plan and implement asset performance and reliability strategies. AssetWise provides informed decision support from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance, enabling you to mitigate risk, increase operational efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance. With improved information flow and interoperability, you can collect, analyze, and control relevant asset information. AssetWise delivers actionable information that supports your business processes and drives the performance of your infrastructure assets.

Aligned with BIM, PAS, and ISO asset management standards, AssetWise leverages a connected data environment to facilitate the interoperation of multiple data sources, providing a common view of data that delivers accurate and reliable information when it is needed to operations, maintenance, and engineering. With AssetWise CONNECT Edition, your organization can maximize collaboration by communicating critical requirements more effectively across IT, OT, and ET disciplines, and across the entire lifecycle of your assets. Multi-phase deployment allows you to spread investment over time, minimizing operational disruptions.

ProjectWise 365

Digital Project Delivery Solution

ProjectWise 365 is a new instant-on, 100% cloud-based solution for increasing the speed and quality of your infrastructure design collaboration.

Scalable to address any size project or firm, ProjectWise 365 makes it possible for small and mid-sized design firms to rapidly deploy many of the same capabilities that make ProjectWise the #1 collaborative BIM software.

With ProjectWise 365, your engineering project practitioners and stakeholders can share and find information, conduct collaborative design reviews, and manage contractual exchanges faster for maximum team productivity.

  • Obtain information faster
    Store, find, and share project information quickly and easily from your web browser or Microsoft Teams environment.
  • Accelerate 2D/3D design reviews
    Collaborate in a unique and immersive 2D/3D hybrid review environment to streamline coordination and resolve issues faster
  • Better manage contractual exchanges
    Automate and manage contractual exchanges and reviews to shorten approval cycles and reduce risk.