Geotechnical engineering software

Perform three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics with PLAXIS 3D Suite. This easy-to-use finite element package is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry on projects of all types, ranging from excavations, embankment and foundations to tunneling, mining, and reservoir geomechanics. Make your complex modeling easy with a range of CAD-like drawing capabilities and extrude, intersect, combine, and array operations.

PLAXIS 3D Suite also includes the following modules:
  • PLAXIS 3D Dynamics for dynamic loading modeling
  • PLAXIS 3D PlaxFlow for time dependent groundwater analysis

gINT Professional

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software

Go beyond your basic logs with gINT Professional. You can report and manage subsurface data in almost any way with custom reports including graphics, photos, charts, maps, and more. The software helps you manage borehole, well logs, CPT, and geophysical logs. You can also create fence diagrams, graphs, tables, and any other imaginable report.

gINT Professional enables you to:
  • View subsurface data from Google Earth
  • Publish data in Web-based GIS
  • Visualize subsurface data in ArcGIS
  • Import/Export gINT reports into design, modeling, and analysis software such as Bentley’s civil applications or AutoCAD
Because everyone has different needs and requirements, gINT provides multiple applications.
  • gINT Logs offers high-end boring and well log data management and reporting
  • gINT Professional builds on the data management and reporting capabilities of gINT Logs and allows you to use the same data to create fence diagrams, graphs, tables, and virtually any other imaginable report
  • gINT Professional Plus takes gINT to the next level with SQL Server support for efficient, centralized data management and powerful multi-project reporting


2D/3D geotechnical software

When tackling complicated geotechnical problems, sound computational procedures and trusted expertise are required. Advance your digital workflows with the ability to design 3D geometry, couple processes, and analyze both 2D and 3D scenarios in one application.

SoilVision Suite enables you to reliably identify and analyze slope stability, flow, and environmental processes in hundreds of locations with one click with features like multi-plane analysis (MPA). You can also perform thousands of calculations with methods like probability and sensitivity. Start with extensive data import options to build comprehensive 3D digital designs and move through your workflow with multiple analysis methods, all done within SoilVision’s interoperable applications. Discover how you can save time and money with unprecedented abilities to quickly and confidently create common or complex real-world 3D numerical models.